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Time Is Fleeting

3/11/2016 07:10

As I sit here having another early morning bagel killing time before I head into work early I can’t help but remember how fleeting life really is. I realized this back in 8th grade when everyone would go to Shea 14 every Friday to hangout. One night it just hit me like cinderblock that civilized life consists of hopping between ruts. Now thats some heavy shit for an 8th grader to realize, and it depressed me considerably. If you haven’t realized this yet, you certainly will when you acquire your first full time job. Living the work week in auto pilot, only to really enjoy the weekend feels like a wasted fucking life, and it can be sickening.

I can’t help but be reminded how fleeting life is again now that it’s Friday and spring break is almost over. This week went by like nothing, and I don’t know if I ever was really able to decompress. Or maybe thats because I never needed to decompress, I don’t know. Regardless, it certainly doesn’t seem like I’ve lived my spring break like a college student is supposed to. I wish I had some advice as to how not to feel this way, but I do not. Unfortunately, it seems like you just have to bend over and take the feels.

Being Old


Currently I’m sitting at the bar at Z-Tejas because my girlfriend is about two or three gin and tonics away from getting home, and I came up to Scottsdale early to avoid the traffic. This brings up something I should probably disclose, I’m older then your average college student. Don’t get me wrong I’m not that ancient dinosaur that happens to be lurking in one of your classes each semester. However, I am old enough to drink (by several years), and drop some wisdom on you.

If you’re reading this because you’re going to school to become a controller I’m going to assume your a youngster like most of the kids in my classes. Half these kids in my class don’t even look like they have pubes yet to be honest. I swear kids are looking younger for longer, or your ability to judge age seriously diminishes as you get older. Any ways, I guess I promised you some advise and I suppose its time to deliver on that:

Alright, because I got into the four year university game later then all my high school friends I learned some things from watching them. This is sound advise regardless of your major too, it should be disclosed to every kid before they start college. First, YOU HAVE TO NETWORK! Befriend your professors, get letters of recommendation, attend school networking events, attend any event you can to be honest. Now I believe I’ve told you that before but I feel the need to reiterate it. Secondly, take this shit seriously! Learn as much as you can, try as hard as you can. You’re paying, or your parents are paying, a lot of goddamn money for you to be there. In addition, every other person you’re sitting next to will be your competition for getting a real job once you get out.

Lastly, get your ass a job in the same industry that you’re studying in or trying to work in. This will give you a TREMENDOUS head start after school in regards to financially as well as with your future. For example, companies are coming in and pitching jobs to seniors at an hourly wage that I’m already making (minus pilots and people getting picked up of course). Now this advice to me is logically sound, I don’t see how you could disagree. However, I guess we’ll have to wait and see if I’m standing at freeway exits a year or two from now panhandling for money; maybe I’m a fucking fool.

Also, if you’re day drinking at bar don’t be the weird person chatting up the bar tender constantly. No one wants to hear your meaningless conversation, I’m here to numb myself, not dumb myself from what I hear come out of your sound hole. Plus, she probably doesn’t want to talk to you either.

Spring Break, Spring 2016


Currently I’m sitting at the half way point through spring break. I can’t say its been exciting, but it has been relaxing. However, saying its relaxing is still a bit of a stretch. I find myself questioning doing anything not school related. For instance, I’d really liked to of boughten and gotten into a video game that came out this week. However, I know four days from now I’ll no longer have the time to play it; so I’d be wasting money.

On the subject on money I’m currently trying to save as much as I can. My friend and I, the one who helped me site this whole website up, are trying to do a eurotrip. Our plan is Morocco, followed by Switerzland. I’m highly doubtful that I’ll be able to save enough, especially with the uncertainty of how I’m going to pay for school next semester. Not going to lie, school tends to seem like a bigger mistake as I get deeper in debt.

Post Stress

2/4/2016 16:54

It seems like after every major testing event, finals and midterms, I feel empty inside. It’s like during these times I have purpose, I have a drive inside me that pushes me through and blocks out the bullshit that accompanies being a living human being. The second finals and midterms are over everyone else feels relieved and jubilated, but I just feel lost and empty. Although I haven’t gotten my Aviation Law grade back yet I’m fairly certain I’ll get an A when he curves it. Now most people would be ecstatic about receiving all A’s on their midterms. I however am completely indifferent and emotionless about it, maybe even a little depressed.

Why? Will I be happy with it if I finish school maintaining my 4.0 GPA? Will that finally leave me with some sense of accomplishment? Thinking about it this almost scares me. It’s like my focus is so honed in on the objective of becoming a controller that the path of of getting there is rendered meaningless. What the hells going to happen if I never get picked up?

On a side note, my friend finished the academy today passing first in his class; he says the feeling hasn’t hit him yet.

Midterm Finale (Pt. III)

3/4/2016 08:11

Yesterday marked the last day of this semesters midterms and I’m glad that its all over. Its been an exhausting past couple of weeks, but it would appear I came out on top. I’m the only student in my ATC 431 class who received an A on the written exam. Speaking of that exam, when you look at the study guide it doesn’t seem like you need to study much but I recommend putting in some time. Its not the hardest exam but it wasn’t easy, I barely got an A on it; the closest score below me was an 84.

ATC 332 (TRACON) exam was too easy, the entire class is too easy to be honest, I don’t feel like I’ve learned anything from it really. I’m the kind of person who needs to be challenged and put under pressure to learn something. Not to sound arrogant but I’m smart enough to get through a class without really having to learn anything. Now part of me likes this, I’m already under enough pressure as it is. However, the other part of me thinks about how much fucking money I’m spending to be in there and it pisses me off that I’m wasting time and money.

Not to be disrespectful but this new professor is no Joe Gridley (previous TRACON professor). She hasn’t controlled traffic in something like a decade, and her knowledge base seems very rudimentary.  It also further frustrates me that she’s more than likely going to be the one teaching me the en route class as well. To be honest, I feel like almost writing a letter to the head of the department and complaining about the price with respect to the qualifications of the person teaching the class.  Now I will say these feelings are all preliminary, I’ve yet to see her in the simulator; hopefully she proves me wrong.

Midterms Part 2

2/29/2016 07:34

Here I am, another early morning at a coffee shop studying for this weeks two midterms before work. Thankfully these two are my last two, and they include the written portion of ATC441 and ATC332’s midterm. Of the three I took last week Aviation Law (AMT442) was by far the most brutal; to be honest it wasn’t very fair. However, he supposedly examines the entire classes results and curves according. Therefore I’m not to concerned, but we’ll have to see what happens.

Yesterday I finally reached out to my friend who is in the academy. Astonishingly he’s already on his final performance assessment this week; this means he’s at the end and it is make or break time. I have no doubt he’ll pass, and thankfully it sounds like he’ll be able to choose a facility that is not only close to his home but is also an up down. We talked a bit about how hard it is to maintain faith that you’ll get picked up by the FAA, and it was pretty enlightening.

When you get towards the end of your schooling you have to start focusing on laying a foundation for your backup career plan(s). Doing this really shines the light on the fact that never becoming a controller is a real possibility. Which in turn chips away at the blind faith of “I’ll get picked up if I keep trying.” This is especially hard when you finally get to the point you’ve been waiting years and years for: when you start running problems on the simulator. Here I am finally controlling airplanes but outside of the simulator I’m focused on how I’m going to establish connections to help a future career of airline dispatching propagate. I’m just glad to hear he went through the same thing, and I suspect that this is probably a feeling shared by all ATC students who are rational enough to set backups in place.

Needless to say when you start to let the self doubt of never being able to achieve your dream accumulate, it hurts. Unfortunately this breach appears to be unavoidable, and I suspect you just need to grab a bucket and start shoveling the self doubt overboard before the ship takes on too much and sinks. Let’s just hope the rate at which I’m shoveling is faster then the leak.

Midterms Pt 1

I just wrote a post addressing how I have three midterms this week, and how the same shit is happening at work and I hate it. Then after reviewing it I realized what a load of worthless shit it was to anybody but me. That may even be a stretch because I don’t think I would read it if I was looking back on my past, shit is boring as hell. I feel like I’ve written those same words addressing those same subjects countless times now. Is this just because life is repetitious? Are each of our lives just a monotonous record that auto replays every time it gets to the end? Or is that what a blog/diary is; some sap writing the same garbage again again but spaced far enough apart so that no one recognizes?

Although I guess I’m not writing this for the sole purpose of entertaining others, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if no one ever read this… I’ve just been told by so many people that they’re excited to see where I end up in life because I’m bound to be successful, and I too believe I am capable of things beyond the average person. So maybe one day I would like to look back at the journey and reassess how I got to be where ever the hell it is I am in the future; or how I drove myself insane by burying myself in debt for a lost cause of a career.

Week of Firsts

2/15/2016 21:11

I know this repetitive but I’m falling behind on writing and I’m going to try and make more of an effort to dedicate the time. Now I find myself taking the shuttle again some what frequently so hopefully I can make that time happen. Believe me, this writing thing just doesn’t spew right out of me like rotten yogurt. This article alone took me 31 minutes; that time up there is when I started writing it. Hopefully I don’t look back at this as a considerable waste of time.

So last week was a week of firsts: New Job, MAX SIM, and Valentines Day. Even though I started the week prior to last I consider this previous week my first real week at my new job. I’m still unsure of it to be honest. It’s a rather small company without the tools and reach my previous one possessed. It is a staffing agency, however, the owner is trying to branch out into the more technical positions I am familiar with and make it more of a recruiting firm. This places a rather large emphasis on me doing recruiting which is not what I’m trying to do.  At the same time it offers great potential to help a business grow and expand. This needs to be a launch pad and I will not accept a failure to launch and be grounded indefinitely. I DO NOT want to become a recruiter.

Now, enough of the drowning story that is my work life. Last week was also my first time in the MAX Simulator, and working incoming traffic on ground control. MAX SIM is the 320 degree simulator that simulates a tower cab, and incoming traffic means airplanes that have landed and need to taxi to their terminal for parking.  Both of these aspects introduce quite a learning curve. First, the MAX SIMs lack of ground radar makes you control traffic solely based off of looking out the tower cab. This means you really have to be to look outside and know what you’re looking at. Second, giving “taxi to the ramp” clearances really means you have to know how to formulate routes; which means you have to know the map and what you’re looking at. Working parking traffic into your flow of departing traffic is also another plate to spin and balance. I will start writing more with regards to my progress on the simulator and tips I find that help.

Lastly, last week was also the first Valentines Day in which I was in a relationship. My girl and I have been at it for what I want to say is nine months (this is probably something I should undoubtedly know). Regardless, this is the only serious relationship I’ve ever had in my life and it is a nice change. As time goes on I definitely feel my love for her grow, and it becomes harder and harder to look into to my future and not see her there. Being the cynical ass that I am I can’t end it on that note. So I want to take this time to address what a fucking scam Valentines Day is. Whack a racket, men seriously get bent over for this holiday; I’m still too scared to even look at my bank account and see the aftermath.

A New Chapter

2/6/2016 19:39

Last Friday was my last day at the recruiting company. Unfortunately my lay off day had to come sooner, so I got the boot. They had a little farewell party for me, and we went to Casey Moore’s Oyster House and drank. It was a good time and I will miss them all, which is an unusual feeling towards coworkers for me.

I start my new job on Wednesday, and I’m doing the same thing across the street for another company; for a little more money.  However, this new company doesn’t work in aerospace and is more of a staffing agency then a recruiting firm. This will hopefully be the last recruiting/staffing company I will ever work for. I need to start the process of getting myself into an aerospace company. Otherwise I’m going to get stuck in this industry; and I don’t feel like selling used cars for a living.

Times Running Out

1/17/2016 18:27

I’ve certainly had better weekends and it’s only a matter of time until this one fades away like most. I was supposed to fix the few minor things with my car so I can sell it later, and then go snowboarding. However, I caught a head cold and have basically been in bed all weekend. So yea…

On Friday I learned some unfortunate news. A while back I mentioned that my bosses boss was coming into town and I was worried about what he’d think of my bosses plan of placing me into another company. Well I was right to worry; he likes the plan but he doesn’t like me as an expense. So basically I’ve got a month or two left because the office is going to have to let me go because of financial reasons.

Now this presents a problem with the whole get rid of my car for a new one scenario. First, it would be foolish to get a new car for a job that I don’t even have. However, I’d need a new car for the job if I got it since its farther away and is inaccessible by the ASU shuttle. So you can see my problem right? If theres a solution I haven’t found it yet, so I’ll keep you posted if I can think of one.