January 27th, 2015 20:48

Last night marked the third time since I started at ASU that I’ve had a dream about a plane(s) crashing. I’m thinking this may be some kind of repressed fear surfacing itself since the actual thought of being responsible for thousands of lives a day actually excites me. The odd thing about these dreams though is that these planes aren’t crashing due directly to me; I just happen to be there and witness it.

Dreams are mostly forgotten shortly after waking, so I don’t remember the first one because I probably thought nothing of it at first. The second time I was actually in a control tower and I watched several planes just plummet into the earth and explode; thats pretty memorable. Last night, for some odd reason the aircraft was a space shuttle, and I was just on the street and happened to notice two people eject from it. Then it just withered its way down to the earth like a falling leaf.

Not sure what these dreams mean if dreams actually supposed to mean something. I do plan on asking my professor if this is common among controllers. Therefore, standby for an update.

Update: He said he had never heard of it. However, he told me not to worry about it. He thought it was most likely a result of me learning how much more gnarly being a controller is; compared to what I had in my head before I started this program.

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