Fall 2016

1/8/2016 18:46

Last semester was a success academically, the 4.0 GPA is still alive. However, it was a grueling semester and I damn near lost it with the Dispatch Ground course (AMT 360). The other classes I took last semester were En Route Operations (ATC 333), Internship (ATC 484), and ATC Capstone (ATC491). ATC 484 and ATC 491 are very important, and will require their own post. However, I will discuss AMT 360 and ATC 333 in this.

ATC 333 is much the same as ATC 332, or at least it was for me given the circumstances. ASU finally got a real center controller to be a professor, and Professor Delugt is a great guy. Both fortunately and unfortunately for me it was his first semester teaching. Therefore, he hasn’t had time to mold the curriculum of the class. Thus it was easy, but very educational.

AMT 360 on the other hand is a three headed monster, and your only weapon is a squirt gun. That entire class revolves around the memorizing the questions out of the GLEIM book. The first test was fairly straight forward, but the second one was harder, and the final was absolutely brutal. I damn near had a panic attack in the middle of that final because I was getting so many questions I had never seen before. I have yet to take the actual FAA written for the dispatch rating because of its brutality.

While I did okay on the final it was mainly because I got extremely lucky with a lot of my guesses. My plan was to study a little bit more and take the FAA written over winter break. That plan however blew up in my face like a turbo’d civic. The motivation to pick up that book and run through the questions is nonexistent. Now winter break is over and I HAVE to get on it before the semester gets up to full speed.

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