How I Got Here

I certainly haven’t been avoiding the topic of where I work, but I certainly haven’t addressed it either. Therefore, I guess it is time to explain how I managed to become an Aerospace Quality Engineer the second I graduated ASU.

While I refuse to read all my previous posts I’m fairly certain I’ve addressed the topic of networking and emphasized its importance. Well, that shit is no joke so I’m going to drop the wisdom bomb again. Networking is the single most important skill I took away from ASU. Meeting the right person at the right time can literally be the reason your career progresses. Mine has done the following:

1. Unemployed
2. Recruiting Assistant
3. Recruiter
4. Recruiting Assistant
5. Lead Recruiter
6. Engineering Intern
7. Quality Engineer

The step from 1 to 2 was literally because I met a woman at a bar playing pool. Steps 2 through 4 were at the same company and I had to step down due to time availability constraints. After being laid off I RAN the recruiting/staffing side of a small company while being in school. After eight months of working there the same lady I met playing pool, and had previously worked for, asked me if I would be interested in an internship at my current company. After a year and a half, and graduating school, I find myself in my current position: Quality Engineer.

If you were unable to gather the take aways from my super condensed three year story here they are: Don’t be afraid to talk to people, and ask them what they do. WORK DURING YOUR COLLEGE CAREER, that is in caps because its stupid massive important. Lastly, work hard and show your worth. Before step one I squandered a job and had to run away with my tail between my legs before they fired my ass. Don’t be a young dumb shit head, be professional, put forth an effort, and don’t burn bridges.

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