Long Time No See

8/9/2016 19:42

It’s been so long I don’t even know where to begin. For some reason I never felt the need to write even though so much in my life has changed this summer. Now that the 2016 ATC bid is looming I feel the need to put the pen back to the paper.

I guess I’ll start about the new job I just started this week. I finally made the transition from working with aerospace companies to working in one. Getting out of staffing/recruiting is fantastic, I’m so glad to have left it behind me. The morals of that business are so corrupt, but at the same time the people you have to deal with drive you to it. A job that depends on the direct actions other others will almost always lead to  failure. As for what my new job is, I’ll describe that in a later post when I better unstained what it is that I’m actually doing there.

Second, I got my new car. I finally got around to selling the my first car that I’ve had since 2008. To add to that I bought my first ever new car. While this is exciting it is at the same time terrifying. Car payments and student loan payments, life will surely smack in the face when school is done.

Now for more ATC related news: the 2016 bid is currently underway. I just uploaded all the documents I will be submitting with my application. With the new law that passed I will be required to apply under the OTS (off the street) bid; meaning I will have to take the biographical assessment again. I haven’t applied yet. This is because I am still in school, you need to graduate first before you can get around the BQ. I was going to apply tonight but I decided not to as it is open all week. I think I’m being apprehensive about it for multiple reasons:

1. I’m trying to see what other people are saying about it to get a better idea.
2. Taking it is just going to suck, it’s very long.
3. I’m scared to see the results.

Which ever way this bid goes there’s a major downside. If I get picked up, I may have to drop out of school and quit my job, obviously a huge fucking gamble. If I fail I just missed out on a huge hiring bid, the likes of which won’t be seen again again (hiring will take a huge decrease over the next couple of years). The only way this works out perfectly is if I get picked up and get a call time for over a year from now; like thats going to fucking happen. Well I guess theres no reason to pick this apart until I know if its going to happen or not. My next post will likely be the results.

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