Missed Opportunities

November 29th, 2015 15:22

So yesterday was my friends going away party. He will be heading off to the academy soon for terminal. He deserves it and will make a spectacular controller. During this party though another school buddy was in attendance and I learned for the first time he was picked up too, but hasn’t received an official academy date yet (he’ll be going en route). This on top of seeing how many other kids in my school are getting picked up, some of whom I know I could out preform, fills me with some regret. I’m really regretting having failed the BQ this year, and I feel as though I missed a golden opportunity to be picked up by the FAA.

Dwelling on the past is foolish, futile, and a waste of time. The inner wisdom inside me knows I need to shake this shit off my boots and press on. Yet I still can’t help but to succumb to some of these emotions…

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