Starting To Get Turbulent

4/16/2016 20:25

So yesterday I went over to Mesa Airlines to discuss the details of their internship with my future professor. Good news is it is paid, bad news is it is generally just during the summer. Therefore, with where I am credit wise at the moment I will have to do it on a non-school related basis. Which is obviously more work in the grand scheme of things but it also allows me to intern at PHX which is obviously something I want to do. Regardless, the interning at Mesa seems like a real possibility, but I will have to get rid of my car and get a new one immediately after this semester ends…

On the subject of this semester the pressure is starting to build with finals fast approaching. Local South was proving to be a considerable problem in ATC 431 until this past Thursday when it started to click. I’ll try and write a report as to how to succeed at local control, because its a serious learning curve. Regardless heres what I’m up against over the next couple weeks:

ATC 431- Simulation Graded Eval., Written Final, and the take home test thats 100 something questions.
ATC 332- Final exam
AMT 442- Book review (halfway done), and final.
AMT 214- Stage 3 exam, homework questions on all the chapters, and the final exam.

On top of this I have this Professional Women Controllers conference I will be attending the week before finals. I’ll be writing an article for their newsletter, so I have to find some way to fit that into my school work. Regardless, I need to try and attend this even as much as possible as it is a great networking opportunity.

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