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Losing Weekends

Its days like these that are especially hard. It is 0842 on this friday morning and I just got up and am waiting for my keurig to spit out my coffee. My next class isn’t until 1500 on monday, so thats a three and half day weekend ahead of me. However, I have such a vast amount of homework to do that I don’t think I’m going to have a weekend at all. I am relatively positive I will not leave my apartment except to go to the gym. Now your thinking big deal, you lost a weekend. What you don’t know is that over the past three weeks I’ve been limited to being able to go out only one night, and having to actually leave early so I can get up at a decent hour to do homework the next day. So for it to finally come to not having a weekend at all just sucks a little. Plus valentines day is tomorrow, which is obviously never fun when your single.


Had a Sky Harbor and Pheonix TRACON tour the other day. I’m just now writing about it at 0756 in the morning several days later because I am absolutely swamped at the moment; I actually had to get up 30 minutes early today just to do this. Back to the point: TRACON and Tower tour. This was intact the first I have ever seen a real radar scope, and It was absolutely amazing. This is something I highly recommend doing if you find yourself some how possessing the opportunity.

Phoenix TRACON is basically a dark circular room with scopes all long the wall with people just sitting at them and murmuring into their headset. The energy in that room is just something to marvel over. It is quiet and clam, yet at the same time it is the most serious and hectic room in all of Arizona. Most people probably wouldn’t feel the same way I do about it, but it definitely felt like I place I’d like to call my second home. Definitely very motivating to be there and see it, and I really do hope that I could be a talented enough controller to one day make it there.

Sky Harbor Tower was very impressive as well. Standing at something like 400ft tall makes for some pretty outstanding views of the entire valley. We spent so long in the TRACON that by the time we got up there is was night time. Which actually, is something I recommend doing if you somehow can. An airport at night, at least to me, is much more interesting. All the run way and taxi lights are actually quite beautiful, not the mention the 360 degree view of endless miles of city lights.

Even though this event sent me drastically behind on my homework, it was totally worth it. Really hoping I can pull off having my internship there. I feel like my grades and my resume should put me ahead of most of the competition, but you never know. There is always going to be someone who is better then you. That is my free life lesson of the day for you. Now I have to get to my ATC class.

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” – Albert Einstein 

Because my desk right now is a mess, and I am using this to justify it.

Carrolyn Bostick, Good Riddance

I received news a couple days ago that Carrolyn Bostick was forced to resign. Bostick was the front runner behind the FAA’s new insane/disturbing controller hiring processes. This is great news for someone like me, and makes the future look a little brighter. Obvious the next bid coming in  march isn’t going to change and I will be taking the biographical questionnaire when I apply. However, that leaves me with some hope that if I don’t get picked up in March (2015), I will be a prime candidate in 2016 when I graduate. Fingers crossed.

Pressure is building

School is starting to get to me a little. After joining a voluntary Non-Radar Separation class I now find myself in six classes, two of which have labs. Therefore, free time at the moment is next to non existent because I literally always have something that I need to do. Non-Radar isn’t for credits or a grade, but its contents are invaluable. It is the first thing they teach you at the academy (if your going for en route), and it also accounts for 14% of your overall grade there. The other students in this class are further in the program than I, so it is a little intimidating. Overall, the objective is to know the map (since it is the same one used at the academy, here is a link to it) inside and out. Every word, number, line, and object must be memorized. Apparently at the academy a test they give is that they hand you a blank piece of paper and make you draw the entire thing from memory. Pretty Gnarly.


January 27th, 2015 20:48

Last night marked the third time since I started at ASU that I’ve had a dream about a plane(s) crashing. I’m thinking this may be some kind of repressed fear surfacing itself since the actual thought of being responsible for thousands of lives a day actually excites me. The odd thing about these dreams though is that these planes aren’t crashing due directly to me; I just happen to be there and witness it.

Dreams are mostly forgotten shortly after waking, so I don’t remember the first one because I probably thought nothing of it at first. The second time I was actually in a control tower and I watched several planes just plummet into the earth and explode; thats pretty memorable. Last night, for some odd reason the aircraft was a space shuttle, and I was just on the street and happened to notice two people eject from it. Then it just withered its way down to the earth like a falling leaf.

Not sure what these dreams mean if dreams actually supposed to mean something. I do plan on asking my professor if this is common among controllers. Therefore, standby for an update.

Update: He said he had never heard of it. However, he told me not to worry about it. He thought it was most likely a result of me learning how much more gnarly being a controller is; compared to what I had in my head before I started this program.