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Week of Firsts

2/15/2016 21:11

I know this repetitive but I’m falling behind on writing and I’m going to try and make more of an effort to dedicate the time. Now I find myself taking the shuttle again some what frequently so hopefully I can make that time happen. Believe me, this writing thing just doesn’t spew right out of me like rotten yogurt. This article alone took me 31 minutes; that time up there is when I started writing it. Hopefully I don’t look back at this as a considerable waste of time.

So last week was a week of firsts: New Job, MAX SIM, and Valentines Day. Even though I started the week prior to last I consider this previous week my first real week at my new job. I’m still unsure of it to be honest. It’s a rather small company without the tools and reach my previous one possessed. It is a staffing agency, however, the owner is trying to branch out into the more technical positions I am familiar with and make it more of a recruiting firm. This places a rather large emphasis on me doing recruiting which is not what I’m trying to do.  At the same time it offers great potential to help a business grow and expand. This needs to be a launch pad and I will not accept a failure to launch and be grounded indefinitely. I DO NOT want to become a recruiter.

Now, enough of the drowning story that is my work life. Last week was also my first time in the MAX Simulator, and working incoming traffic on ground control. MAX SIM is the 320 degree simulator that simulates a tower cab, and incoming traffic means airplanes that have landed and need to taxi to their terminal for parking.  Both of these aspects introduce quite a learning curve. First, the MAX SIMs lack of ground radar makes you control traffic solely based off of looking out the tower cab. This means you really have to be to look outside and know what you’re looking at. Second, giving “taxi to the ramp” clearances really means you have to know how to formulate routes; which means you have to know the map and what you’re looking at. Working parking traffic into your flow of departing traffic is also another plate to spin and balance. I will start writing more with regards to my progress on the simulator and tips I find that help.

Lastly, last week was also the first Valentines Day in which I was in a relationship. My girl and I have been at it for what I want to say is nine months (this is probably something I should undoubtedly know). Regardless, this is the only serious relationship I’ve ever had in my life and it is a nice change. As time goes on I definitely feel my love for her grow, and it becomes harder and harder to look into to my future and not see her there. Being the cynical ass that I am I can’t end it on that note. So I want to take this time to address what a fucking scam Valentines Day is. Whack a racket, men seriously get bent over for this holiday; I’m still too scared to even look at my bank account and see the aftermath.

Losing Weekends

Its days like these that are especially hard. It is 0842 on this friday morning and I just got up and am waiting for my keurig to spit out my coffee. My next class isn’t until 1500 on monday, so thats a three and half day weekend ahead of me. However, I have such a vast amount of homework to do that I don’t think I’m going to have a weekend at all. I am relatively positive I will not leave my apartment except to go to the gym. Now your thinking big deal, you lost a weekend. What you don’t know is that over the past three weeks I’ve been limited to being able to go out only one night, and having to actually leave early so I can get up at a decent hour to do homework the next day. So for it to finally come to not having a weekend at all just sucks a little. Plus valentines day is tomorrow, which is obviously never fun when your single.