Troubling Times

4/7/2016 20:12

It’s been a little while since my last entry, and big shocker: a lot has happened. First, I’ve officially been offered an internship at the Phoenix TRACON/Tower. Now you think this would be a cause for celebration as it is where I’ve wanted to do my internship since I started school for ATC. However, given the FAA’s current hiring practices regarding controllers, I have to seriously consider whether or not this internship is worth it. This is because it currently won’t further my chances of being a controller. How fucked is it that I have to question my dream internship for a dream job for something that will help my back up career? Very fucked.

However, this brings up the other bun I’ve got going in the oven. During my writing hiatus I looked up a dispatcher on LinkedIn and asked for, and got a tour of Mesa Airlines dispatching office. I definitely think I’d enjoy working there as dispatching is a very neat and misunderstood occupation. So, I’m currently trying to get another visit scheduled so that I might be able to establish an internship there. Reason being, an internship within dispatching would make me a very viable candidate for a real dispatching position, which is what an internship is supposed to do.

Honestly, if it came down to the two, I’d have to go with Mesa Airlines.

Side note: You have to pay for your internship credits, how fucking ridiculous is that? I have to pay to go work somewhere for free. What a scam this is.

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